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Dopamine antibody – AM001

Monoclonal anti-conjugated Dopamine antibody (mouse)

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Using Dopamine-BSA conjugate (DA-BSA), antibody specificity was performed by using an ELISA test by competition experiments:

Dopamine-BSA Kd around 10-8 M very high affinity and specificity

No crossreactivity with close competitors:

Competitors Affinity compared to DA-BSA
L-DOPA-BSA 10 000 times lower no crossreactivity
L-Tyrosine-BSA 36 000 times lower no crossreactivity
Tyramine-BSA 50 000 times lower no crossreactivity
Noradrenaline-BSA 50 000 times lower no crossreactivity
Octopamine-BSA 50 000 times lower no crossreactivity
Adrenaline-BSA 50 000 times lower no crossreactivity
Dopamine free 50 000 times lower no crossreactivity

The antibody recognizes the conjugated form of the small molecule, not the free form (see protocol for specific tissue preparation).

Additional Information


Monoclonal antibody was obtained after BALB/c mouse immunisation with the conjugate: Dopamine-bovine serum albumin (BSA). Hybridoma clone was obtained by hybridization of spleen cells with the myeloma cell line SP2/O/Ag14

Host species




Clone number

HYDA 001




IgG1, Kappa


Conjugated Dopamine


Synthetic Dopamine conjugated to bovine serum albumin (BSA)

Species reactivity

The antibody recognizes the target in all species, vertebrates (included humans) and invertebrates, because of the universality of the small molecule


Monoclonal antibody was preadsorbed on protein carriers and purified by ammonium sulfate precipitation



Stabilizers / preservatives


Storage instructions and buffer

Lyophilized vial must be stored at 4°C in a dry area up to 2 years after receipt. After reconstitution with 50% of distilled water and 50% of glycerol, the aliquot must be stored at -20°C, and is stable at least for 2 years. Avoid freeze-thaw cycles

Research areas

Biochemistry, Neurobiology, Neurodegenerative diseases, Pharmacology


ELISA, Immunohistochemistry (Glutaraldehyde and PFA fixation, see protocol), Immunocytochemistry. Optimal dilutions should be determined by each laboratory for each application. Suggested starting dilutions: 1/2000 – 1/10000 for ELISA, 1/1000 – 1/5000 for IHC

Corresponding antigen/related product

To validate the specificity of the response in your biological samples, Polyneuros sells as well the corresponding antigen: Dopamine conjugate (Product number: AG001)

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